Tata Motors A Veteran Player in Indian Auto Sector

Published: 08th August 2011
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Since its inception in 1945 in India, Tata Motors has been a veteran player in the Indian automobile industry. The car maker has always thrived for the best and today it has successfully reached every nook and corner of the country. At the moment, Tata Motors ranks first in the commercial vehicle sales and third in passenger vehicle sales. From its first truck to the most successful Nano, Tata has spread its wings across India.

After its huge success in commercial vehicles, Tata ventured into the passenger car segment. The first vehicle they came up with in this segment was Tata Sierra in 1991. Although the car has been phased out now, it is still considered as one of the most durable cars in India. After the success of Sierra, Tata came up with Safari and then Tata Sumo in 1994. In 1996, Tata Sumo deluxe was born which was an upgraded version of Tata Sumo. Tata Sumo became much popular especially among taxi drivers for its toughness on rough Indian terrain.

The Tata Safari was the first SUV of the car maker and also the first of its kind to be completely produced in India. Although the car performed very well, however, Tata was not content with its success and overhauled it with a whole new DICOR engine. Plus, both exterior and interior were upgraded to give a better look and feel.

In 1998, Tata came out with another venture, Tata Indica and soon the sales figure for Tata was sky-rocketed. Since its huge popularity, Tata has released different versions of Tata Indica to appease its Indian customers.

After Indica, Tata came out with Tata Indigo in the sedan segment and soon it became a huge hit among car admirers. Due to its huge success, Tata released several other variants including Tata Indigo Marina, Tata Indigo SX, and Tata Indigo CS.

Despite of the huge success of the earlier Tata cars, what really has created buzz in the Indian automobile segment, is the latest Tata Nano which is considered to be the cheapest car so far.

Tata has been in the automobile industry over a decade now and have gone through many ups and down, but it still maintains to retain its position as one of the pioneers in this industry.

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